Markets Served

Arrendale Associates serves a wide client base of hospitals, physician practices and medical transcription service providers in the United States and around the globe.  Countless physicians dictate daily using Arrendale’s voice capture as thousands of transcriptionists and correctionists convert voice to text.  For instance using the TA+ platform, a California physician dictates, sending the voice file to our North Carolina data center and on to a transcriptionist in Pennsylvania, then to an editor in Alabama for final transcript review.   Likewise, a London physician dictates and the voice file travels to India for ASR, automatic speech recognition, and back to the United Kingdom for quality assurance proofing.


We cater to:

  • Physicians with dictation, editing and e-signature efficiencies
  • HIM directors with intuitive, configurable software to track clinical documentation
  • Healthcare administrators with integration expertise
  • MTSOs with workflow flexibility
  • Medical language specialists with fully featured speech recognition and word processing tools

Arrendale is completely focused on superior clinical documentation technology solutions.  From single physician offices to large healthcare systems and from small MTSOs to major offshore BPO operations, Arrendale serves healthcare professionals in North America, Europe and Asia.

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