Electronic Signature

The TA+ platform includes a convenient, intuitive physician electronic signature application giving physicians the convenience to sign on their own schedule.  Deployment and training are quick and easy, since no software is loaded on the physicians’ PCs.  Instead, our e-sign is available in physicians’ office, homes and on the road anytime day or night via the Internet.  For efficiency, physicians may listen to the dictation voice file from a button on the signing screen instead of making a separate telephone call into the dictation system.

User-Friendly Features Include:

Automatic sequencing of next transcript to be signed

Updated display of remaining jobs as physician clicks the Sign button

Ability to partially edit a transcript and save for further review before signing

Ability to return a job to the Quality Assurance team with note from physician

Ability to sort jobs by status such as Inpatients before Outpatients

E-signature statement with customizable names and titles for each signer

Optional feature to require physicians to correct blanks when transcription staff is uncertain

We Include the Additional Handling Necessary for:

Dual e-signature with preceptor and resident signing and cross referencing

Addenda creation and linking, before or after the original transcript

Group signing for practices that allow physicians to sign for each other

Adding ‘Preliminary’ watermark if system configured to send unsigned jobs

Our 24 by 7 Support Center is ready to assist physicians and their office managers with initial set up.  For analysis by departmental managers, we supply a variety of e-sign management reports including activity by dictator, department, document type and turnaround time.  Call 800.344.1323 to add TA+ electronic signature to the cloud-based dictation-transcription platform.

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