Tips for Dictators

For best success with front-end and back-end ASR:

  • Dictate in a quiet area, without or away from background noises such as music, printers, or nursing station conversations.
  • Dictate the information in the order that it should appear in the final version of the transcript.
  • Take a moment to organize data before you begin each dictation.
  • Dictate with a natural, even, clear pace, pronouncing all syllables.
  • Dictate with correct grammar and consistent sentence structure.
  • If dictating with a Smart phone, SpeechMike, or DVR; hold the device a consistent distance from your mouth, typically 3-4 inches (10 cm).
  • Keep your dictation volume constant by not moving the device or telephone receiver away.
  • If you plan a long pause, use the pause function on your dictation equipment/system.
  • Momentary pauses between thoughts or sentences are fine.
  • For a short pause, do so at a logical place such as at a period or comma.
  • Use facility-approved abbreviations.
  • Use facility-approved date formats.
  • Dictate dosage instructions consistently, in the same sequence.
  • Delineate lab values separately from each other.
  • Dictate using a consistent style, whatever your style is.  You don’t need to change your style due to speech recognition, instead TA+ will adapt to your dictation style.

Our platform's front-end and back-end speech recognition products are designed to enhance productivity with accurate documentation delivered to EHRs more quickly. The Arrendale sales team at 800.344.1323 looks forward to discussing the details of both methods and proposing flexible, efficient workflow for each department at your facility.

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