SpeechMike Capture, Speak-EZ+

Arrendale’s PC-based dictation application, Speak-EZ+, provides desktop dictation convenience with integrated, optional front-end speech recognition plus electronic signature functionality.  Physicians gain speed and accuracy by viewing patient meta data on the PC, making the Speak-EZ+ app ideal for radiology, cardiology and other specialty documentation.  Physicians have a choice of front-end speech recognition or traditional dictation with each job, enabling providers to document using their preferred method.  There’s even an option to dictate with your mobile phone and send the job to your Speak-EZ+ PC workstation for editing the speech-recognized text later.  Typical radiology workflow includes an XML file transfer from PACS to Speak-EZ+ which auto populates the dictation window with appropriate patient meta data.


Speak-EZ+ Features Include:

Complete dictation functionality including:

o Rewind, Fast Forward, Pause, Stop, Play, Insert, Overwrite and Save Incomplete

Window display of suspended dictation jobs awaiting completion

Option to call the land line dictation system to finish incomplete dictations when away from PC

Access to Speak-EZ+ jobs for listening and viewing by other authorized system users

When using Speak-EZ+ as a dictation solution:

o A single click marks a job as a Stat to expedite transcription creation

o The auto-minimize feature frees up monitor space when recording

In the front-end speech rec mode, voice commands are included for formatting, section headings, paragraph alignment and worktype selection


Physician Benefits

Increased accuracy as physician visually verifies patient meta data during documentation

Physician configuration setting to receive a confirmation box when submitting each dictation

Physician configuration setting to hear an audible tone when submitting each dictation

Speak-EZ+ saves time by linking up to 10 additional orders for panel studies

o Only one signature is required for multiple linked orders


Technical Features

Simple web service installation with executable file, eliminates a VPN requirement

Remote-hosted or premise deployments

Multiple physicians can use the same workstation, each with their own personalized settings

Compatible with all major PACS:  Agfa, Fuji, GE, McKesson, Merge, Philips and Siemens

Compatible with all current models of Philips SpeechMikes, replacing costly dictate stations

Conversion of digital dictation wav file to MP3 file format for clarity

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