Support Center Tools

     Arrendale has made substantial investments to deliver a top-notch support experience for our customers.  AAI’s most important asset is our staff of Support Center technicians.  These analysts are carefully selected based on attitude, aptitude, experience and industry certifications including A+ and Network+ certifications.  Detailed training helps us maintain a team of motivated, empathetic and courteous analysts, eager to fix your issue correctly the first time. 

Arrendale Proprietary Tools

     We have incorporated On-line help in TA+ applications, allowing many questions to be answered by clicking the Help icon within the application.  For instance, when creating templates, a listing of patient and order variables is available on-line with their spacing requirements.  Customized physician dictation instructions can be automatically printed out after Dictate+ system set up. Arrendale’s ticket tracking system and customer-entry of issues online keeps customers aware of the status of each ticket. The Support Center proactively manages all servers, utilizing a real-time server monitoring product to provide alerting and reporting of remote and onsite server performance.  This monitoring tool notifies the AAI Support Center immediately when any server is experiencing Internet connectivity issues or hardware failure. 

Third Party Tools

     AAI conducts live PC support using a desktop streaming product that allows technicians to take control of a remote desktop in order to install a client-based application or to troubleshoot a misbehaving PC.  Arrendale’s remote training also employs desktop streaming to facilitate group training sessions for medical language specialists. We employ backup products and procedures to keep all voice and text files safe.

Data Hosting

     In addition to our own data center, Arrendale contracts with a premier data hosting vendor to maintain dual Internet service providers and redundant utilities for your servers and ours.  This extra layer assures our ASP and SaaS customers continuous up-time.  Arrendale uptime has been over 99% consistently each year since data center inception in 2001.

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