The TA+ platform allows users the right configuration for their healthcare facility.  Likewise, our software is available in three deployment scenarios to meet every healthcare organization’s operational goals.


With Arrendale’s Application Service Provider deployment, there is no need to purchase, rack, maintain or monitor the servers required for a typical dictation, transcription and speech recognition system.  Instead, Arrendale houses your servers in a protected data center and monitors server performance with automated tools and manual audits.  Each ASP customer has their own server with TA+ configured per your specifications.  Transparent invoicing based on the exact system usage comes from the TA+ reporting system with this ‘pay as you go’ model.  ASP operation simplifies system maintenance and eliminates hardware expenditures.  Redundant hardware, multiple connectivity providers and bunker-style protection in our data center gives peace of mind to customers.  With ASP deployment facilities update their technology without a large capital expenditure.  Separate annual support fees are eliminated, with this cost rolled into the software usage fee.  For new speech recognition users, the ASP option is most cost-effective, with charges by usage and no upfront purchases for multiple dictator licenses and additional servers.


Software as a Service is a second remotely-hosted option particularly suited to hospital customers.  With SaaS, a set monthly fee covers system usage, making budget calculations simple.  Like the ASP option, Arrendale’s persistent customer service, software enhancements and telephony long distance dictation expenses are included within the monthly fee.  Even though the servers are located offsite, Arrendale personnel come to your location for hands-on training.  If your hospital is experiencing downtime with older systems and still paying annual support expenses, the cost-effectiveness of our SaaS deployment will surprise you.  Often, our annual SaaS expense is less than your current annual support costs and you gain new technology and better than 99% uptime. In the words of Mike Sindelar, Assistant Vice President Finance Fremont Area Medical Center, customer since 1994, "As a long term customer of Arrendale Associates, the hosted TA+ solution was a natural progression of what was already a great transcription solution.  Not only was it a cost effective choice, but has proved to be extremely reliable for us as well."

Traditional, Premise-based Systems

Arrendale has deployed our systems with traditional software licensing for over 20 years.  If your healthcare system likes their hardware and software systems close at hand in a facility data center, the premise-based model is right for you.  Licensed software is still actively monitored by our Support Center staff with constant automatic checking and manual monitoring daily.  With premise-based arrangements, individual dictators are licensed separately for TA+ Powered by SpeechMagic and attractive discounts apply.  Arrendale guides the installation process and provides a detailed task list with timelines and needed resources, keeping events on track for a successful, on-time deployment.  Our operations team remotely loads the software applications and works with your team on system configuration and training.  Annual support includes software upgrades and our 24 by 7 helpdesk.  Larger sites, both health systems and MTSOs, may find the premise-based model more cost-effective since there are no limits on system usage.


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